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Destination Beauty Medspa

JCAHO Certification

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma and the staff at Destination Beauty MedSpa are dedicated to providing the highest quality care, trust, and satisfaction for their patients. In this light, Destination Beauty MedSpa is proud to be recognized as a JCAHO certified health organization.

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) is an independent, non­profit organization led by individuals in the private medical sector that sets out to establish and maintain the quality of health and safety standards in medical facilities across the United States.

The main vision of JCAHO is to ensure patients that they are always receiving the highest­quality and safest health care at the best­ value. Accreditation from the Joint Commission is recognized nationwide as a representation of an organization’s commitment to high performance standards.

JCAHO is constantly working to improve and further develop health care in all forms of medical treatment. This is achieved by evaluating these health care organizations and encouraging them to excel in their efforts to provide safe and effective medical care.

Currently, The Joint Commission certifies 21,000 health care organizations nationwide and is continuing to expand and share its mission.

As a JCAHO certified organization, Destination Beauty MedSpa maintains a high level of excellence in its products, services, and customer care. DB Medspa is dedicated to helping each client feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, offering a variety of aesthetic procedures and services customized to the needs and desires of each individual patient.

With over 20 years of experience as a board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Sanjeev Sharma represents the ideals and values of JCAHO. Dr. Sharma also holds the following titles and certifications:

  • ­Board Certified in General Cosmetic Surgery by the International Board of Cosmetic Surgery

  • ­Board Certified in Breast and Body Contour Cosmetic Surgery by the World Board of Cosmetic Surgery

  • ­Fellow of the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery

With these qualifications and experience, Dr. Sanjeev Sharma goes above and beyond to provide the highest quality services to his patients while also teaching his staff and co­workers the same principles and methods of success.

To learn more about the services offered by Dr. Sanjeev Sharma and Destination Beauty MedSpa, check out their page on Certified Consumer Reviews:

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