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DB MedSpa Certifications

To most patients and referring physicians, Board Certification represents an important consideration in one’s choice of a cosmetic surgeon. We recognize that the issue of Board Certification can be quite confusing, even to doctors themselves. Dr. Sanjeev Sharma is a Diplomate in Aesthetic Surgery, Board Certified in General Cosmetic Surgery by The International Board of Cosmetic Surgery, Board Certified in Breast and Body Contour Cosmetic Surgery by The World Board of Cosmetic Surgery conducted by American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and Board Certified in Family Medicine. Dr. Sharma is also a  American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery Fellow.These Board Certifications in cosmetic surgery ensures that Dr. Sharma has exceeded the scrupulous principles and standards of the Boards and gone above and beyond to not only learn and practice the latest and greatest but he is also teaching it to his peers Below are a few of the Certifications that Dr. Sharma holds..

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