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Avelar Dermolipectomy Mini Tummy Tuck



Avelar Tummy Tuck


Tummy Tuck (Liposuction with removal of extra redundant skin)


What is Awake Abdominoplasty?


Awake Abdominoplasty ("Tummy Tuck") is a cosmetic procedure which involves the removal of excess fat and extra redundant skin. The awake abdominoplasty procedure is performed under "Tumescent" local anesthesia for which you will remain awake the entire time of the procedure.  This will allow  you to see the results before completion, and the combination of being awake, the use of "Tumescent" local anesthesia, along with the implementation of liposuction during your awake abdominoplasty provide you countless benefits over the traditional approach to abdominoplasty.


What is the Avelar Technique?


The Avelar technique is an innovative abdominoplasty procedure developed by a doctor from South America, Dr. Juarez M. Avelar.  The Avelar technique has resulted in an effective approach to the treating of a thick abdomen with excess rolls of skin.  Prior to this procedure the physician had to make a large incision with significant 

undermining of the tissue to tighten the abdomen.  The problem with this approach was that it resulted in a significant thick wall and unwanted deposits of fat.  The Avelar technique has been developed to provide patients a thinner, more aesthetic waistline by removing the unwanted rolls of skin and/or fat. 


By excising the extra redundant skin with liposuction, the patient has a much tighter, more attractive abdomen.  There are many benefits to implementing the Avelar technique over the traditional method, is that by using the Avelar technique the blood vessels of the abdominal area are preserved.  This single benefit alone results in a quicker recovery time and significantly reducing the risk of developing complications.


Who are the best candidates for the Avelar Abdominoplasty?


The best candidates for an Avelar procedure are men or women who are active but are bothered by large fat deposits and loose abdominal skin that won’t respond to diet or exercise.  This surgery is helpful to women who through multiple pregnancies have stretched their abdominal muscles and skin beyond the point where they can return to normal.  Loss of skin elasticity in older patients, which frequently occurs with slight obesity, also can be improved.


It is safe to perform an Avelar Abdominoplasty even if there has been previous abdominal surgery.  We have found the Avelar technique to be an important resource for our patients and have had excellent results with this procedure!


What are the Potential Risks and Complications of the Avelar Abdominoplasty?


One of the benefits of Avelar Abdominoplasty is that serious complications are uncommon.  Complications such as infection and blood clots are rare, but can occur.  Infection can be treated with drainage and antibiotics.  You can also minimize your risks of blood clots by moving around after surgery as much as possible.  It is important to move your legs and walk as much as you can.  Separation at the incision site may occur up to four weeks following a tummy tuck, most commonly as the result of unauthorized lifting, pulling, or pushing.  It is therefore recommended that you refrain from physical activities that may endanger you and the healing of the incision.

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