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CO2 Laser

How does the treatment work?

Laser energy removes the top most layer of skin.  As the skin is regenerated, discoloration, wrinkles or other marks will be diminished or in many cases eliminated.  We can tailor the depth of the peel and recovery time to your individual need by adjusting the lasers power settings.  Some patients choose to have fewer deep treatments with longer recovery times, while others wish to have more light treatments with shorter recovery times.  Your individual needs should be discussed. 


What skin concerns can be addressed?

Many facial conditions such as fine wrinkles around the eyelids, forehead, nose and mouth can be smoothed with this simple process.  Deep laugh and frown lines can be minimized.  Even lingering effects of chicken pox, acne scars, superficial pigmented lesions and other surface abnormalities can be successfully treated. 


Does the treatment hurt?

The use of topical anesthetics should eliminate most, if not all, discomfort during the procedure.  Your individual needs or concerns should be discussed with Dr. Sharma prior to treatment.


What should I expect following treatment?

Immediately after laser exposure the treated area may turn pink and

swell slightly.  In the following days the outer layer of skin will flake off as new skin is generated underneath.  In some cases slight redness may persist.  It is important to limit sun exposure following treatment.  Questions regarding the appropriate use of sunscreen or makeup should be discussed.

Recovery times are directly related to depth of peel and your body’s healing response.  Please discuss the treatment with Dr. Sharma in order to understand the recovery time associated with the outcome you desire.


Consultation and cost?

Before the procedure, a thorough consultation with your physician is necessary.  You and Dr. Sharma should agree on this procedure plan and expected results.

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